Buy american supports people around youSupport people around you
Buying goods manufactured in your city, region, or country is the best way to support the community you live in. You are helping the innovators, the workers, the office managers stay in business. They earn a living, and taxes are funneled back into local services. Buying locally helps your immediate neighborhood.

“48 cents of every dollar spent locally goes back into the community” — Civic Economics

Buying American creates jobsCompanies grow their workforce.
Buying from companies who build their products in the country keeps jobs here. Companies you buy from are able to keep and grow their workforce. Creating jobs starts with every one of us buying more goods created and produced here.

“Local businesses have generated 65% of new jobs over the past 17 years” — Small Business Administration


Buying local protects the environmentLower your carbon footprint
Buying stuff that is made near you contributes greatly to lowering the carbon footprint of our purchases. The environmental impact of less transport speak for themselves. Most some local manufacturers try to also source their supplies and materials locally, creating an even lower footprint. Everyone wins.